Two drunk dorm girls hook up during a party and end up in a dirty college threesome while the third girlfriend films it all. They start off competing against each other with their blowjob skills, and are soon all over each other as well. This threesome must be every college guy’s fantasy. Lucky bastard!


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Sorority girls have initiations just as much as frat houses, and sometimes they have to put out at a sex party to prove they’re a true sorority slut. College is for experimenting, right? Well these girls don’t have a problem with getting it on with horny college guys (is there any other kind?). The bigger sisters capture it all and upload the videos to Dare Dorm!


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These frat boys didn’t know what they got themselves into when they hired some Bang Bros girls for their college party. When you mix drunk guys like this with girls like that, you know some crazy shit is going to go down. The Bang Bros girls don’t disappoint, they’re completely nude fucking around with a ‘volunteer’ while the rest of the toga party cheers. All three mouths are practically fighting over his cock, giving the college girls some lessons on how to give a blowjob like a porn star. Then they pile on and the sex show really starts.


I don’t know what they’re on, but these coeds are having a little private party.


These two slutty chicks both like the guy and one thing leads to another…


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The outfits at this college costume party don’t leave much to the imagination!


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The college students drink their alcohol and party throughout the night.


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Now three girls line up and give blowjobs to these two college roommates at the party!

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After his girlfriend gets drunk on wine coolers, she agrees to a threesome with her sexy college roommate.


Her roomy is into it, if they can film it for the Dare Dorm contest and get some money too.


Obviously her boyfriend is super hard thinking of this college threesome and he’s not going to let this opportunity slip by.


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It’s St. Patrick’s day weekend, and everyone wants an excuse to party their brains out. A local party house on campus throws wild shindigs, and this holiday is no exception. People wear green for free shots, and soon plenty of people are blitzed. Coeds are hooking up, including one girl who doesn’t care who watches. Of course the guy doesn’t care he’s getting some. They’re cheered on as they get naked and start a fuck fest on the kitchen floor. They don’t even stop and she rides him like a total college slut.
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Cute girls and beer pong. Ah, what to do… how about make it naughty! Not only do they have to drink, they have to take off an article of clothing when the other team scores – and these college girls have killer bodies. No wonder the guys want more. After they’re drunk and the clothes are off, they take it to the next level by performing sexual favors when a score happens. Guess what – it’s all on camera, and all sent to the Dare Dorm!
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It’s that time of year again, when drunk sluts flash their titties and more for cheap beads during Mardi Gras week. This college party fits the bill, with the students having a great time drinking and grooving to the music. As the inebriation climbs, so does the degradation. Queue the drunk slut sucking some cock while the party people watch with crazy interest. You know she’s ready to fuck.
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Just another Friday night after class, and another college party rocks just off campus. Another drunk slut is found! She arrived pretty sloshed and drank some more, ending up making out with a Senior on the couch. When she feels his hard bulge it drives her crazy. Being totally outrageous she pulls his dick out and goes down on him even though people are watching and snapping pics! Will it turn into a public fuck fest?
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